Heatwave Scotland

Heatwave Scotland

Air Conditioning Systems

Blaupunkt inverter indoor unit

Blaupunkt or Gree 3.5kW inverter heat pump air conditioner indoor unit, fully installed with outdoor unit for just £1245 Ideal Cooling & Heating for a lounge of 4m x 5m at the touch of a button.


Mitsubishi SCM80ZJ Multisplit Heat Pump for complete Home Mitsubishi SCM80 multisplit heat pump low cost system for your whole house, bungalow, offices or workplace, (4 indoor units)
£3,517.00 installed Uk wide
SRC100Mitsubishi SRK100 air conditioning heat pumps for a warehouse in Dumfries. 11.5kW Cooling, 12 kW heating. Single split system installed in the UK Nationwide for £2400.
Mitsubishi FDT50 Ceiling Cassette Mitsubishi FDT50VF Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning Heat Pump Fully Installed UK Nationwide 5.5kw cooling 6kw heating
Mitsubishi SRK25ZJ-S Air Con System installed Nationwide Mitsubishi Home Air Conditioning for a Living room, Home Gym or Bedroom Installed Nationwide 3kw cooling 4.5kw heating
Mitsubishi SRK35 ZJ-S Air Con System Installed Nationwide to homes and businesses Mitsubishi SRK35ZJS Air Conditioning System Installed Nationwide for Homes,Shops, Server Rooms and Caravans etc 3.8kw cooling 4.2kw heating
£1,480.00 installed
Mitsubishi SRK50ZJ-S Air Con System Installed Nationwide to homes and businesses Mitsubishi SRK50 ZJS Air Conditioning System Installed Nationwide for Homes, Park Lodge, Shops Server Rooms etc 5kw cooling 6.5kw heating
£1,799.00 installed
Mitsubishi FDT71VF ceiling cassette Mitsubishi FDT71VF Air Conditioning Heat Pump Ceiling Cassette system Installed Nationwide
£2,628.00 installed
Mitsubishi SRK63-S Air Con Heat Pump System Installed Nationwide Mitsubishi SRK63ZJS Air Conditioning Heat Pump System Installed Nationwide Ideal for Computer Server Rooms, Village Halls, Churches etc 6.3kwcooling 9kwheating
£1,990.00 installed
VRV VRF Air conditioning heat pump systems for large buildings VRV variable refrigerant volume air conditioning systems for all larger buildings, schools, leisure centres, hospitals and energy efficient   Ask for your most competitive quote
Mitsubishi Touch Screen Control Panel for all MHI heat pumps air con systems Mitsubishi Heavy Industries RC EX1 Touch Screen central wall mounted control panel with interface kit ideal for Village Halls
Mitsubishi Lossnay Heat Recovery single room Mitsubishi Lossnay VL 100 Wall Mounted HRVU ideal for small office, living room or basement area.
£260.00 supply only
Ambient Beer Cooler J&E Hall Ambient Beer Cooler ABC for FREE cooling to your pub or hotel cellar, save energy
£1,140.00 installed

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