Heatwave Scotland

Heatwave Scotland

Commercial Refrigeration

Under counter White Commercial Fridge
Under counter white commercial fridge/beer cooler for hotels, sandwich bars, coffee shops and pubs with fan
Upright Commercial Fridge
13cu ft Upright White Commercial Fan Assisted Fridge for Pubs and Hotel Kitchens Nationwide


Back Bar Double Door Bottle Cooler for pub drinks
Double sliding door back bar beer drinks bottle cooler for pubs and hotels at very low prices


Qualitair Q cooler

Qualitair Q cooler

J & E Hall Qualitair or Marstair Beer Cellar Cooler Medium Installed
Medium Pub Beer Cellar Cooling System 3.5kw Completely Installed in all UK licensed trade outlets


Whirlpool K20 Ice Machine
Whirlpool K20 Ice Making Machine produces flat square ice for pubs, clubs and hotels nationwide


J & E Hall or Marstair Beer Cellar Cooler Large Installed
Large Pub Beer Cellar Cooling System 5kw Completely Installed in the UK with 3 years warranty.


Double Hinged Door Back Bar Beer Bottle Cooler
Back bar beer drinks bottle cooler with double hinged doors and LED light for pub chilled drinks



iCube 25kg Ice Machine Rental for Pubs

Your pub can rent an ice making machine for less than the cost of a pint per day! with no repair bills..ever!


can be installed or shipped within 3 days

PVC Strip Curtains for Beer Cellar Cold Rooms
PVC overlapping strip curtain and stainless steel hanging rail for pub cellars and cold rooms

£105.00 per metre wide x 2m high can be shipped within 5 days

350mm Axial Fan Motor
Axial Refrigeration fan motor size 350mm for cold rooms cellar cooling systems and ventilation.


can be installed or shipped within 3 days

400mm Axial Fan Motor
400mm Axial Refrigeration fan motor for cold rooms JE Hall cellar cooling systems and ventilation 230 volts


can be installed or shipped within 3 days

Upright Stainless Fridge
Product no.: 166Genfrost upright stainless steel commercial fridge ideal for pub kitchens restaurants and hotels


can be installed or shipped within 3 days

Qualitair Slimline Beer Cellar Cooler System Installed
The low cost Slimline Cellar Cooling system offers 3.5kw of cooling enough for a 3m x 4m cellar


can be installed within 5 days (next day in Norfolk)

We also manufacturer walk in cold rooms custom built for chilled or frozen foods.

Ask for details.

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